Eye Clinic

Building an eye clinic is the first step in making

good eyesight possible for everyone



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Compared to The Netherlands, with 618 eye doctors,

Zambia has only 25 eye doctors.  There is also a huge

deficency of opticians.  Good qualified eye care is not

available, literally and figuratively, due to high transportation

costs and long distances. 


The Eye hospital


Macha Mission Hospital


Building an eye hospital in Zambia offers even the  poorest of people 

life changing treatment. The hospital can provide cataract operations,

glasses and preventive treatment of trachoma.  The hospital can also

facilitate the screening of school children for this curable disease.  And

further the possibliites of a national rehabilitation program  for people

with low vision would be investigated.




A training hospital


8c training health werkers oogscreening


The eye hospital will also function as a place to train interested, capable

and local Zambians.  This is the heart of our work. Training Zambians gives

them a means to support themselves as well helping in their own environment. 

The purpose is ultimately to train one Zambian to train another.  When one

area has one eye professional then a second, third and fourth could also be trained.





Together we are stronger




Where possible the eye clinic will work together with other eye hospitals

and organisations active in Zambia.  We want to help each other with

knowledge and experience so that the eye care in Zambia can grow and 

improve.  Eye For Zambias ultimate purpose is that eventually the eye clinic

would be placed in the hands of the local Zambians.  Eye For Zambia will

continue to visit the clinic annually to help with coaching and support where necessary.