Prevention and screening

Eye for Zambia will help with the prevention and treatment of trachoma

and make screening for school children possible


Trachoma is an infectious disease of the eye affecting millions.

65% of people with trachoma live in Africa.










15 hygene trachoma


Trachoma is a painful reoccuring eye infection that can lead to blindness.

Trachoma starts with a red eye, reoccuring infections which leads to scarring,

which causes the eye lashes to grow inward and damage the eye. This can

lead to blindness.





Trachoma can be passed from mother to child with a simple hug


trachoma spread


Trachoma is a disease occurring when many people live close together,

have poor hygine and little water. The disease is spread through personal

contact and flies. Worldwide 80% of people with trachoma live in only 14

countries. 13 of these countries are in Africa, and Zambia is one of them.





Trachoma can be easily treated with antibiotics and washing the face


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Treatment in a later stage is more complicated. Eye surgery is needed to

correct the eye lashes that are growing inward. Eye For Zambia will, while

working with the health care workers, emphasize prevention of trachoma

through awareness and treatment with antibiotics so hopefully an eye lid

surgery will not be necessary and blindness can be prevented.




Screening programs for school children to detect an uncorrected refractive error


9 projecten screening school



It is expected that 6% of high school students need glasses to be able to

do well in school. Yet for most of the children there is no possibility of

getting glasses





80 % of what a child learns comes through using their eyes


school child



Screening will take place at schools while Eye for Zambia will work together with

the school leaders and health workers. The children with vision problems will be

referred to the eye clinic where they can get new glasses according to their needs.