Eyedrops Donation (1 year)


A viewing impairment, such as glaucoma, can cause severe damage to the eyes. Especially elderly people in Zambia are affected.

By donating € 30,-, someone in Zambia will be able to use eyedrops for an entire year.

Help us out by donating eyedrops for an entire year to someone in Zambia in need.



When someone is unable to see properly, even with good glasses, viewing is severly impaired, or even causes blindness, when the visibilty is reduced below 5%.

Help us out. Eyedrops can make a huge difference.

Tax Benefit

EyeForZambia has been given the ‘ANBI’ status, which is Dutch for Public Benefit Organization’ (PBO). An institution can be qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) solely when at least 90% of the institutions efforts are focused on the general good.

A PBO does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances or gifts that the institution allocates to the general good. A PBO does not  pay Dutch gift tax on gifts that the institution makes for the general good. Natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.