Eye For Zambia helps to set up an optical workshop


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From the avoidable visual impariment 40% is caused by uncorrected refractive errors. 

Shortage  of opticians and trained qualified personel means that many people are needlessly visually impaired.

Simply having glasses can make a huge difference in a persons




More than 90% of people with a visual impairment are living in developing nations.

Africa is the most vulnerable continent.



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For a lot of people it is difficult to get affordable glasses.

For this reason Eye for Zambia is helping to set up an optical workshop.

In that way everyone who needs glasses can get them








Consequences of a refractive error




There are different refractive errors. We talk about far-sightedness when a person

sees well close up and the distance is unclear.

This is corrected with a plus in the glasses. If a a hig plus is needed it can cause reading problems

and give headaches. Simple reading glasses can have a great impact. Children can participate

in school and adults can do their work.







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We talk about near-sightedness when distances are unclear but close up can be seen.

This is corrected with a min in the glasses. Nearsightedness can have major consequences

for a child, participation in school can be very difficult. Also for adults

the consequences are great: not being able to work, and greater chances of accidents.




Glasses can make an enormous difference in a person's life.