Zambia and The Nederlands

Together we are stronger

introduction of the Dutch team


Presently the Dutch team is Samuël and Tamara and their 3 sons—6, 5 and 0 years of age. Samuël grew up in Zambia. Tamara attributes her interest to her Indonesian roots which even at a young age made her aware of what a priviledge it is to grow up in a prosperous and safe country. Her dream of equal opportunity for everyone led her to choose an education enabling her to offer medical help. The first time Samuël and Tamara met this issue was talked about and now, 10 years later, they are beginning to make this dream a reality.

Our vision is to give hope and bring healing to the poor because we believe that every person is valuable and should have good care regardless of their race, gender, birthplace or religious background. Our greatest example of this is that of Jesus caring for people.

Samuël will begin working as an ophthalmologist and Tamara as an optometrist and low vision specialist. In addition to this we want to emphasize teaching and training the local eye workers. Our oldest 2 sons will attend a local school and the youngest will grow up with a mixture of Dutch, English and Tonga (the local language). We want to work for several years in Zambia. When the clinic is fully supported by local professionals we will turn the leadership over to them and visit the clinic yearly to support where we can.