Eye for Zambia will help with training local professionals 



Postponement of treating eye problems is often the result of a poor

infrastructure and an insufficient number of qualified people. At this

time there is a shortage of eye care professionals in Zambia. Training

the local people, at every level, is the most lasting and structural solution

to ensure eye care for everyone.






43% of Zambians with cataract are unaware that they can be treated



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Eye For Zambia’s ultimate goal is to educate Zambians so that they in turn

can educate others Zambians. When one region has a qualified eye

professional, then it won’t take long before there are 2 , then 4 and so

forth. We are aiming for a minimum of 3 people in the examination room-

a teacher, a student and patient. An education can enlarge a person’s

chances which can greatly impact his life. An education provides a job

where a whole family can benefit from. There is enough money to buy food,

and to pay for the children’s schooling,





Eye for Zambia's goal is that the eye clinic would be completely run by local professional Zambians

Eye For Zambia will visit the clinic annually to evaluate and help where necessary



who will be trained?


.Health care professionals: are the most important link between the patient

and the clinic. They inform people, detect eye problems and refer people to the clinic.


Opticians: they determine if glasses would help the person and if necessary

make the glasses


Ophthalmic nurses and optometrists: They can independently treat simple eye

problems and determine if a cataract operation is necessary. They also give valuable

information to people.


Eye doctors and ophthalmological clinical specialists: they can determine what

needs to be done and do it. Treatment could be giving medicine as well as performing

a cataract operation or eye lid surgery.



Low vision specialists: an ophthalmic nurse can lead a rehabilitation program for

people with an untreatable eye condition.